NABCEP recertification

This program is registered with NABCEP to meet 100% of the requirements for PVIP + TS + PVA hours.

We have an 18 hour program for PV Installers still seeking to meet the 2019 deadline (including 2 hour non-building code). We also have also expanded and registered our program to meet NABCEP’s 30 hour requirement for next year, in case you miss the deadline.

Due to the expanded program, we will be closing registration for the 18 hour program soon. So if you want the $150 registration price, register now! It is unlimited course access either way!

Each class is six hours:

  1. Intro to Solar * 18 hour track
  2. Intro to Batteries * 18 hour track
  3. Understanding NEC * 18 hour track
  4. Residential Off-grid * 30 hour track
  5. Commercial Solar Peakers * 30 hour track
  6. Automated Smart Home ** coming soon **


Our audience consists of architects, engineers, PV installers, and other ambitious building professionals. As a NABCEP installer, I register these classes with NABCEP to bring down your recertification cost. In exchange, I welcome your peer review, community involvement, and industry referrals.

All course hours must be used within the same recertification time period.

Course Instructions are emailed upon payment.