First we will list our NABCEP programs by popularity, and then we will say a few things about NABCEP itself.

NABCEP Recertification – This is our flagship product. We wrote this 30 hour program to meet 100% of the recertification of the most popular NABCEP certificates. Learn what you need to know about batteries, and even check out our Scanifly drone training! Yes we do partial completion for the same price and can make sure you take the classes with the right hour requirements.

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NABCEP PV Associate – This certificate is preferred by both engineering managers and entry level labor. If you don’t have any project installation experience or are looking for the cheapest NABCEP certificate to obtain and maintain, this is for you! 40 hours of class time is recommended, plus our exam review.

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NABCEP PV Installer or Technical Sales– These certificates are preferred by those already involved in leadership positions on solar projects. It is the longest program – 60 hours are required, plus our exam review.

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NABCEP was founded in 2002 to develop quality solar training standards through private industry certification. They run annual conferences as well as publish an online directory of its members. You can find more information at 

NABCEP training are comprehensive, covering fundamentals, design, installation, operation, and sales of solar arrays. We do have different pathways for new hire labor, engineering managers, and advanced installers. Regardless of the program, NABCEP is the industry recognized training standard within the United States, which gives it additional value on a job application compared to other solar training.

Part of NABCEP’s benefit is its exclusivity. Even if you do not join NABCEP, such as if you do not pass the exam, completing a NABCEP training program is a resume builder by itself. We are the lowest cost provider of NABCEP training on the market, including sponsored discounts for all attendees, as well as providing free training + exam fees for SolarLandscape’s Job Corp training.

NABCEP exams require comprehensive, technical knowledge. Many do not pass on their first attempt. That’s okay – you already saved by finding the lowest cost training provider! Just retake the exam for an additional fee.

However, take your exam preparation seriously. NABCEP member surveys indicate making $11,000 more in annual pay than their non-NABCEP counterparts.

Any solar manager will tell you that electrical licensing and construction experience are the most important items on a resume, but that a NABCEP certificate or training is the next best option. Because the PV Associate credential does not require job experience to obtain, the best performing students will be rewarded with an even more significant job benefit, rewarding their course attentiveness and performance.


There’s nothing more valuable in the solar industry than your contact information, so we allow you to benefit by offering you a 50% discount on any of our NABCEP training products via sponsorship.

Our sponsors are industry stakeholders who support our mission of low cost, quality solar training. We think you will enjoy talking with them, that in addition to a training discount you will also benefit from speaking with them, as you would a conference. Any they would love to meet with you.

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