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Students take a variety of programs shared across a common curriculum. Interact with the instructor and with other course attendees. Adjust the program to your skill level.
Students are required to indicate real time presence while in class. Please join a voice channel to track your time. On a phone, you will need to select “connect to voice channel”. Then proceed to the class video.
Chat is the difference that will prepare you for the NABCEP exam. We want you to not only watch the videos but also chat before and after class about a variety of industry topics.
Our classes are a series of YouTube videos 1-4 hours in length. We provide slides and illustrated transcripts of our courses, as well as quizzes.

We suggest you get comfortable and cast the videos to a big screen – our videos are YouTube friendly.

Complete the program at your own pace.

Use the Discord app, on your phone or computer – it’s a better experience than going to the discord website each time for class. If you can’t remember how to do that, go to to log back in..

Read These Instructions to Get Started

If you do not see the classroom, check the left hand menu for the “community solar” server.

Click the “Time Tracking” voice channel to indicate you are in class – select “Connect to Voice Channel” if on your mobile phone.

Each class has its own chat room. Scroll up when on a course page to find the video, handouts, and quiz.

Our 3rd party video library has other content and quality manufacturer training videos.