Start by joining our Discord group and having a look around. Pay on this website, but the class is based in Discord. Use your email or phone to join here:

If you have joined and are trying to get back into class, visit to sign in. Discord is also available as a desktop and mobile app. Both are more comfortable for learning than using the browser.

Getting Familiar with Discord

If you are immediately lost upon logging into Discord, look for the left hand menu. Click the construction guy to get back into the Community.Solar server.

After clicking the construction guy, look in the side menu for the “Start Time Tracking” menu category and click on it. You should see your username show up in that area to confirm you are connected. This means your time tracker is on.

Your time will update hourly in the “Hours Logged” menu category.

Mute your microphone.

Each class has its own chat room, with Youtube links, handouts, and a quiz. Scroll up or check the pinned messages if recent discussion has pushed the class items up to the top of the chat.

Every hour or so, the “Start Time Tracking” section will move you to “inactive”…. just move yourself back.

There are other reasons to join our Discord classroom than just needing a completion certificate for a continuing education class, but we keep our community focused on training industry professionals in the latest industry work practices.