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Students take different classes within the classroom, based on their skill level. Similar to a one room school house, students can interact with the instructor and each other in real time.

If you are unhappy with the skill level of the class let us know. We have a range of classes and we do not want your bored. We need to adjust your user role to give you access to different parts of the classroom.

Just being inside the classroom does not track your time. You need to click the “sign in” voice channel.

You should see your user name and avatar appear in the voice channel, on a desktop or web browser. On a phone, you will need to select “connect to voice channel”. Then proceed to the class video.

Our classroom is unique in that it allows for real time interaction within the entire community. We want this to be a learning and networking resource for you during and after class. However, voice chatting and screen sharing are also featured.
The program consists of videos typically 2-4 hours in length. We suggest you get comfortable and cast the videos to a big screen – our videos are YouTube friendly.

Complete the program at your own pace, don’t forget to log your hours, and take advantage of that chat features of our community. We want you to interact, it is the best way to prepare for NABCEP exams as well as future project work.

Discord is available in browser, as well as on a cell phone and desktop app. We recommend using the app, whether on your phone or computer. You can listen and ask questions in the car pool, at the job site, or in front of a TV screen. Convert downtime into logged class time at your own pace.

Read These Instructions to Get Started

If you do not see the classroom, check the left hand menu for the “community solar” server.

Click the “sign in” channel to track hours and alert the instructor for real time chat. Select “connect to voice channel” on mobile phones.

Each class has its own chat room. Scroll up to the top of the chat or check the pinned messages to find the video, handouts, and quiz.

Also review our 3rd party video library for more elementary content as well as manufacturer training.

Are you part of Job Corps? Stop a moment to watch this video about program sponsor SolarLandscape.