Start by joining our Discord group. You can look around and ask questions. Please check your email and click the verification link from Discord:

If you are trying to get back into class, visit and download the desktop and/or mobile app. Browser access is available, but if you use the app, you won’t need to mess with passwords or user logins. But you can log back in here.

Time tracking / additional questions

Make sure you are “inside the classroom” by clicking the Community.Solar server icon in the Discord menu.

Within the classroom, click “Start Time Tracking” menu. Your username will show up in the menu. Mute your microphone.

Classes contain Youtube links, handouts, and an occasional quiz. Scroll up to find the class materials or join the class discussion below.

Every hour or so, the “Start Time Tracking” section might move you to “inactive”…. just move yourself back.

Ask additional questions inside our Discord server.