Register for class on this site by submitting payment, and then come back here to joining our Discord group using the link below. You will be emailed a verification link from Discord as part of the registration process. Please check your email and click the verification link from Discord:

Discord is accessible via web browser, but it is strongly recommended to visit and download the desktop and/or mobile app. Apologies if you do not like Discord – it is a requirement to take this class. Discord may be blocked on your work computer. You may need to install Discord on your phone and access the course material that way.

Discord is like Slack, but more chat focused. It also allows time tracking. This allows us to maintain instructor interactivity as well as timed classroom hours for record compliance, in a format that is more friendly than traditional LMS environment. But it is more like a chatroom than a traditional LMS, so you might find that tricky. The classes consist of a) watching videos and b) interacting the the chat areas.

Time tracking / additional questions

To track your time, make sure you are in a “Voice Channel”. This will involve sharing access to your microphone and web camera, the same as being in a Zoom or Teams meeting. Be sure to mute your microphone and web cam. Check back every hour to make sure you are still in the voice channel, indicated by the audio icon next to your user profile.

Within the classroom, click “Start Time Tracking” menu. Your username will show up in the menu. Mute your microphone.

Classes contain Youtube links, handouts, and an occasional quiz. Scroll up to find the class materials or join the class discussion below.

Every hour or so, the “Start Time Tracking” section might move you to “inactive”…. just move yourself back.

Ask additional questions inside our Discord server.