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NABCEP PV Associate

Affordable. Desired by entry level and management level solar professionals alike. 12-40 hours with free, external exam prep. No experience required. Register Here

NABCEP PV Installer

The NABCEP PV Installer is for installers whom already have project sign-off responsibility. It is more expensive to maintain than the NABCEP PV Associate certificate, and more prestigious.

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NABCEP Recertification

PV Associate can take any 12 hours of our program content. PV Installers take 58 hours of content, and can include up to 18 hours of manufacturer training (approved providers only). For PV Associate, PV Installer, and PV Technical Sales. Includes NEC and non-NEC building code. Adjust the program to your level of difficulty. The free drone class is something we do to support that industry skillset.

12 Hours for PV Associates

30 Hours for PV Installers

1 Hour Drone Training – Free 

Engineers, Architects, Electricians, Community College, Job Corps, etc.

Additional provider fees may be required. More Details

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