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NABCEP PV Associate Training

This affordable NABCEP certificate is desired by new industry hires as well as engineering managers because of its affordability and low cost. Only 12 hours of course time is required, but we recommend you spend at least 40 hours within the classroom with additional exam prep. No project experience is required.

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NABCEP PV Installer Training

The NABCEP PV Installer is for installers whom already have project sign-off responsibility. It is more expensive to maintain than the NABCEP PV Associate certificate, and more prestigious.

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NABCEP Recertification

We have a 12 hour class and 30 hour class perfect for PV Associate and PV Installer recertification. The classes are cross-listed for PV Associate, PV Installer, and PV Technical Sales. You can adjust the program to your level of difficulty. The free drone class is something we do to support that industry skillset.

12 Hours for PV Associates

30 Hours for PV Installers

1 Hour Drone Training – Free 

Engineers, Architects, Electricians, Community College, Job Corps, etc.

We distribute our program through various continuing education providers. You can pre-register here. Let us know your certificate requirements.

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