Design Your Solar Roof

This 4 hour class class reinforces fundamentals from Material Selection while introducing solar design techniques, with an emphasis on computer-based solar design. See the project moves from remote site evaluation to the permit office in this innovative class.

Advanced content will keep even NABCEP solar installers engaged, as we explore the capabilities of a variety of free and paid design software to improve residential, commercial, and even utility-scale planning.

This is an aggressive starting point for someone completely new to solar.

Multiple strategies are discussed to implement cost-effective onsite power management – even in regions where solar buyback rates are low. This is essential learning for anyone planning a solar project, and additional project support can be found within our chat community.

We recommend our Material Selection class for true beginners.

Learning Objectives  / General Outline 

Estimate solar array production and compare against facility energy use. 

Consider array layout strategy to benefit density, aesthetics, or safe installation.

Understand 3D shade analysis techniques to understand irregular object shading (such as trees) can be modeled into performance estimating

Use manufacturer sizing tools to finalize designs and convert into material list for bidding.

Walk through the site evaluation process to develop a computer-generated single line diagram.

Learn cable management techniques to improve construction and operational safety.

Evaluate right-sizing to optimize utility rate structures for onsite renewables and storage.

Understand how digital controls and monitoring can add value to energy infrastructure and planning.

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