Why Discord?

We use Discord as our classroom because we enjoy talking with our community. Texting too.

Discord provides the thrill (and compliance requirements) of a live program with the convenience of an on-demand schedule. Take the program at your own pace, but still interact with the instructor and other students.

The solar industry is a small world and there is value in our community even after class. Unlike other training platforms, Discord allows us to provide you with unlimited course access while respecting your privacy.

These programs are long and serious, we want you to be able to watch this on the couch, up on the big screen. Or in the carpool. Basically, the classes are videos links within a chat room. So you can watch the videos and you can chat with us.

Over the years we have tried various learning management systems, including Google Classroom, WordPress, GotoWebinar, Zoom, WEbex,LearnDash, BigBlueButton, Slack, Drupal, SurveyGizmo, Youtube Live, Google Hangouts, Join.Me etc. We like Discord because we use it for work (team chat) and find its other technical communities to be active and skill-building. It’s the only platform that we’ve found which offers value beyond the class itself.

What we really want is our community to talk to each other. That networking experience – what people want at a conference – is available at your desk on-demand with Discord.

There is a small learning curve. It helps to download the desktop app and cell phone app. It is browser-based too, which might be easier on your IT department.

Here is our advice:

  1. Click the invite link. You will be emailed this link upon direct registration here or through your training provider. If you join Discord without clicking on the invite link, you will not see our classroom.
  2. Use the Desktop App. Don’t be lazy, if taking this on a computer, get the Discored app. It is easier to use than the browser.
  3. Discord has “voice channels” and “text channels”.  We use voice channels to track time, so be sure to click on those while in class. You can keep your microphone muted like in a webinar.
  4. If you are in Discord and you do not see our classroom, either
    a) click the invite link – you only joined Discord and not our classroom!
    b) you are on the homescreen – click the construction guy icon in the lefthand menu.
  5. If you cannot hear, speak, or screencast, check the user settings menu in the lower left with the “gear” icon for Streamer Mode or Voice&Video settings.
  6. Don’t be a stranger. You will get more out of class the more you participate. Have fun!

Not Permitted for Redistribution. Licensing available on request.

Posted May 8, 2020 by John Cromer in category "Blog

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