Drone Site Surveys

Want to distinguish yourself in the world of solar? Learn the process of designing solar arrays based on drone imaging. High resolution site photography is valued for its utility and visual appeal – for this class we go to the experts at Scanifly, distributing their introductory one hour training program.

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Note: This class is not available for public viewing, but you may register for free to view this webinar and check out our classroom. 1 Hour NABCEP credit available for registrants.

Learning Objectives:

Contrast 3D modeling using remote LIDAR data vs onsite drone photography to understand the values of site-based data collection.

Introduce the FAA 107 Commercial Drone pilot license and operating requirements to better understand regulations associated with commercial use of drone photography.

Explore best practices for drone image capturing, as well as technical capabilities, components, usage times, geotagged images, and recommended flight paths.

Simulate residential, commercial, carport, and utility-scale ground mount 3D models to see how geotagged image data improves site planning for various systems sizes.

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Commercial Batteries

The commercial solar battery market is the fastest growing, most cost-effective industry market segment within the United States. Unlike off-grid design, a commercial solar battery may only be used a few hours a month to achieve maximum system payback. Knowledge of project financing can overcome financial considerations of the site host. Each commercial load profile tells a story of the facility’s energy use. Learn how to understand that story, to right-size a commercial solar battery for maximum profit!

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Learning Objectives:

Explore how behind-the-meter solar batteries optimize commercial electric rate structures

Size a solar array and battery based on project requirements.

Select the right battery chemistry for the application.

Understand system components and cost

Learn how to “Right Size” a Solar Peaker for cost-effectiveness

Identify differences between off-grid, backup, and grid-tie design practices

Understand nuances between equipment financing and revenue modeling

Introduce community solar concepts as a source of project funding.

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