Help us send 100 solar installers to school.

Financial hardship is impacting everyone, so we are asking industry stakeholders to use marketing budget to help solar installers improve their industry credentials right now.

Here’s how it works.

  • The student chooses to be sponsored upon class registration to receive a discount.
  • The student name, company, email address, and consent to be contacted is sent to the sponsor.
  • The sponsor can follow up for additional promotion opportunity.
  • The sponsor receives the contact information for our next 100 NABCEP or NABCEP-to-be students who volunteer to be sponsored.

Some installers label Energytoolbase as a proposal tool, because of its ability to generate professional project economic models to present to the toughest behind-the-meter clients. We find it particularly useful as a design tool, to identify on the optimal solar + battery project to optimize commercial rate structures.

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We recommend starting with a $1,000 sponsorship which puts $10 towards the certification or recertification cost of 100 NABCEP students at $10 per student.

We are flexible with the amount, but we expect to send you 100 leads per year but it could go through more quickly than that.

The solar industry is facing a real downturn so our goal is to get solar installers into class online to spend this downtime in a productive manner, by improvising their industry certifications.

We’re asking you to take the marketing dollars you would normally spend on lead generation and use it to help us lower their recertification costs. Without getting into the details, there are price problems with the cost of NABCEP training on the market that present a real challenge to solar installers even without Corona virus. We created our program to offer creative and valuable solar education to our students, but now we are thinking more creatively to lower our program cost further.

The way our program works is upon registration the student receives a discount and agrees to have their contact information delivered to you, after which point you can follow up with them. Although we recommend waiting a month or so before you follow up, because they will give them some time to start class where we may already by introducing your product. So then they’ll be more familiar with your company at the tie of introduction.

The benefits of getting on board early is that you will be at the top of this list! We want your sponsorship and the sooner the better. We’re looking to sign as many sponsors as we can. Potentially get up to 20 sponsors so the earliest adopters will get to be at the top of the list on our website. But that’s really a minor difference, everyone is getting the same sponsorship rate, we want you to be involved, and we want you to get value out of your sponsorship.

As a sponsor, you can be part of our community. We have a networking chat room and a live-streaming chat room. If you want to do a live stream to our audience we can set it up as an event. Or you can just drop into the Discord from time to time and network organically. We want you to be involved as much as you want to be involved.

We have a section for sponsor chat, and we can link to any training content you would like our students to be aware of. Our classes are video recordings as well. But students come into the classroom and ask questions and we chat with them in real time or with a slight delay.

In the voice channel we actually can talk to our students which helps shrink the social distance. We want our students to come back after class for the community value. Your branding in our community is not a one-time thing but something that stays with the student into the future.

Our 60-hour NABCEP training is in partnership with Millennium Solar Electric Training Academy, an accredited training institution. Ultimately they do the record-keeping but we will do all the registration for the sponsorship students. Another popular product is for existing NABCEP solar installers take our program maintain their certificate and that’s a very popular product. We sell a general admission ticket, and continuing education to engineers and architects, but this sponsorship only pertains to NABCEP or NABCEP-to-be students.

That’s pretty much it. Join our Discord chat or reach out through the chat widget if you have any questions, or send me an email.


John Cromer

jrscromer (at) gmail .com