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This program is a two hour introduction to smart homes with an emphasis on electricity controls.

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Figure 1 – Outline 

Welcome to our smart home load control class. We’re going to start off with some basics and use a smart home energy controller as an example, using open-source code and generic hardware. The intent of this program is to introduce you to the value of building energy management and train you how to implement a low cost test project on your home or business.

This class is available for continuing education. It comes with videos and live instructor interaction. We even have a low priced general admission registration for those who want to join our Discord classroom and take the class for fun. Or you can continue here for free. Please share this resource for non-commercial use.

I use smart home technology in my solar design practice – I’m really not a smart home guy, I’m a solar installer who found himself doing smart home stuff to improve the value of on-site solar and batteries. It turns out there are applications for energy management that can be smaller and more valuable than solar or batteries, and by implementing such a project, you can collect valuable site data to assist your more ambitious energy planning.

A smart home project can be a great learning experience. But there are some pitfalls, so I thought we would start out with a high level overview of the most controversial issues, with a nod to health, safety, and welfare for our continuing education audience. Then we will talk more specifically about setting up a local energy controller, as well as its value to home and business.

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