Rooftop Solar

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This program has been specifically written for engineers or other building professionals to learn the fundamentals of solar electric design, with an emphasis on rooftop solar. You will learn site analysis, material selection, budgets, and pro tips. Pay careful attention and you will learn the steps needed to generate project permit documentation, specialty material lists including supply chain navigation, and even which general items might be bought at a local electrical supply store.

Learning Objectives:

PVWatts solar performance estimation and detail

Module fundaments as related to product warranty

Remote site analysis techniques using Google Earth imagery

Equipment selection overview including specification sheet details

Roofing structural and fire code

Different rooftop and ground mounting approaches

Supply chain discussion as related to the design process

Compare and contrast different styles of inverters and racking

Specialty balance-of-system material items

Residential project budgets

Interconnection strategy

Circuit layouts

Simple payback including tax credit and depreciation details

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