Right-Sizing Solar

Learn how to determine the right relationship between a DC solar array size and the inverter output capacity and apply your knowledge to array layouts, module circuit locations, racking consideration, and design optimization issues.

Grid-tied solar will always be impacted by local grid policy, and we take an in-depth look at how. Determine if battery storage is a necessity for a project, as well as how to plan for battery additions down the road.

Selling 30 years worth of electricity to a customer is an expensive proposition. Right-sizing based on local policy and material capabilities can improve project economics, improving payback such that we can accelerate the transition towards solar power.

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

Discuss the relationship between DC array size and AC inverter capacity to better understand system efficiency.

Understand how the supply chain can impact system design optimization.

Explore online resources to determine utility requirements and design constraints.

Perform circuit designs for one pallet of solar panels on different kinds of popular inverter systems to improve technical proficiency.

Understand how changes material selection can impact system design for project planning.

Determine a battery size needed for efficient “zero outflow” residential operation to accommodate any utility policy.

Establish a budget and simple payback to improve professional knowledge.

Identify best practices in array layout planning.

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This class is brand new and public documents are not yet available. Please find the course videos in our classroom or check back for updates.

Not Permitted for Redistribution. Licensing available on request.

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