John has tremendous knowledge on so many subjects in the solar industry. It was nice to hear different installation techniques as well as learn about the different technologies that we will providing to customers in the near future. Highly recommend listening through the 30-hour program, you will certainly become a better installer and obtain more knowledge to share with your teams.

Rob Warren, Impact Solar NJ

Impact Solar, LLC

Great class with valuable insights into future industry changes with regard to storage. – Matt H. Flat Rock Solar

Program was good and easy to follow. Class was great would recommend it to others. I like the fact that i can go back and review the videos any time. James M.

Great program! I love how deep the instructor goes into solar economics and renewable energy policy. – Ty P.

Extremely thorough. Lots of good real case studies included. – James S.

This is a great way to stay up to date about current solar industry changes, and trends. I think would be a great program to require installation crew to take. Mr. Cromer explains the content very well! Thank you! – JM

The program was very informative even for licensed electricians –
Daryl L.

Great Lectures that give a good snapshot of the state of the art. Great Course! -Bailey S

I found the seminars helpful and covered the basics of solar design and good practices for the Solar industry. The battery component was one of the best I have seen. – Michael M. Volt2Amp

Rich content delivered by a high energy and enthusiastic instructor – Richard P.

I was very satisfied with the course overall. I have been in the solar industry for over 12-years and I still picked up quite a bit from the classes. – Thomas G. Green Power Solutions

Green Power Solutions

The course content was very mixed between advanced knowledge and concepts and very basic introductory information. As an experienced professional using the course for continuing ed the majority of the content was review of information that is useful to someone just entering the field of solar… and as a result excruciatingly boring. Their was some very in-depth modeling information and design detail that would be way more enjoyable to digest if it was separated from the more introductory info. – AR

Comment: Thanks AR! We have doubled our program size removed much of the introductory solar content from the 30 hour NABCEP recertification. We expect alot from our introductory students, so we don’t shy away from mixing it together.

This course was the exact fit for my needs as a Nabcep Installer and John Cromer is a very knowledgeable Instructor. – Michael M

In general the program is very good. I will recommend it to my friends.
Great class with a lot of useful material that can be applied in the field
Great for individuals who need a flexible schedule to complete the program. – JM

Great for people who need a flexible schedule to take the program. -JF

Lots of good insight and information, especially on batteries. – Gary B Green Star Solutions

Green Star Solutions

A great source for learning new information… even for NABCEP certified individuals! – Tim P

Great class with a for-the-user format. With this class, I had more control over how and when I would study. I was even able to study in the car. — Daniel H.

Thank you for the variety of information. Also thank you for providing an online option for Nabcep credits. – Sim G West Seattle Electric

Great course, relevant information, entertaining, and tons of tips/tricks. I highly recommend! – Emil A

Good program. I was able to brush up on my knowledge and learn some new things along the way! – Ian B

Very informative – Curtis B

It was a very convenient and fun way to get my necessary NABCEP CEU’s. – Jeremy Jones

Great information and great value! – Michael M.
Very flexible and perfect for remote Nabcep recertification – Andrew D.
Good creative analysis of system integration techniques – Wayne B.
Great program. Definitely a challenge. – Christopher P.
Excellent 5 star – Peter S
Very thorough and interesting – Art K.
Great program and very informational. – Ryan P.
Convenient and easy access to solar continuing education. – Nicholas T.
Great program and straight to the point – Daniel S
Great program and covers a lot of ground – Nathan R
Excellent – Travis H
Great program and straight to the point – Daniel S
Great program and covers a lot of ground – Nathan R
Excellent – Travis H
Very convenient and accessible at a great price – Jim K.
Very informative – Wayne W.

Really learned alot from this program. Lots of key tidbits that I didn’t know before. – Frank F

Great Program !! Will be here for all my solar education. – Patrick W

Great overview of the solar industry where it stands today. I gained some great pointers. – Peter H.

Great discussion topics with a high level of detail and industry relevance. – Aaron M

An affordable way to refresh your solar, battery and NEC knowledge. – RW

Very good content, must take a few breaks to fully digest all the info, Michael C.

An excellent to refresh your knowledge and secure your NABCEP CEUs. – Nick K.

The tutor is very knowledgeable. Thank you, this was awesome! – very practical. – Shane D.