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60 Hour NABCEP Training

Whoa there buddy. If you don’t have any solar installation project lead experience, you probably want to get started with our 40 Hour Young Professional training and consider obtaining a NABCEP PV Associate credential.

This program is for solar installers who have or intend to get documentation of project leadership experience, on installed and permitted solar projects.

This can be an introduction to solar class for a very aggressive electrician. Or the first few hours can serve as a review before you get into more advanced concepts.

It is a very comprehensive class, consisting of our core curriculum, plus manufacturer installation training videos, as well as a catch all class on solar professionalism that covers all of the NABCEP Job Task Analysis up through PV Design Specialist. While the focus is on solar industry career development, through both technical proficiency and advancing project design concepts, we do provide comprehension for many of the difficult NABCEP examination topics.

Our standard recommendation to anyone preparing for advanced NABCEP exams is to get your OSHA10 right before the exam, run through a couple master electrician practice exams, and understand solar design. The majority of this program is spent on the last part.

Registration directly on this website enrolls you with one of our accredited provider partners, such that you will be eligible to take the NABCEP PVA exam upon completion. Registration does not include any NABCEP application or examination fees.


We believe NABCEP is a valuable certification. As such, we solicit sponsorship to industry stakeholders to help us lower your re-certification cost. Use the coupon code SPONSOR to receive a 50% discount. In doing so, your contact information will be provided to our sponsors. They will probably 

  • NABCEP PV Installer

    This 60 hour program NABCEP certificate is  is for installers whom already have project sign-off responsibility. It is more expensive to maintain than the NABCEP PV Associate certificate, and more prestigious. This...

If you do not need a NABCEP industry certificate, you may take this program by purchasing a general admission registration.

For large groups (over $5000 in total ticket prices), please reach out to us directly for a discount offer. Whatever we negotiate, it won’t cost less than the group registration cost so you might as well purchase that to get started.

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