40 Hour PV Associate for Building Professionals

Are you a college educated and seeking employment in the solar industry? Are you a licensed electrician or skilled tradesman seeking a NABCEP PV Associate certificate? Are you an engineer or architect wanting to incorporate solar into your project work? This class will introduce and accelerate your knowledge of rooftop solar design, development, and installation.

We mix together 20 hours of content focused on introducing you to solar power design and installation with 20 hours of advanced project concepts that we currently teach to existing solar installers and developers.

This program consists of the following:

  1. Rooftop Solar
  2. Design Your Solar Roof
  3. Intro to Batteries
  4. Understanding Code
  5. Residential Off-grid or Commercial Peakers
  6. A portion of our solar installation career training
  7. Plus Solar Exam Review Sessions!

For the NABCEP PVA track, we enroll you with one of our accredited provider partners, such that you will be eligible to take the NABCEP PVA exam upon completion. Registration does not include any NABCEP application or examination fees.

If you do not need a NABCEP industry certificate, you may take this program by purchasing a general admission registration. If you need to maintain other kinds of licenses you may want to consider a continuing education ticket.

For large groups (over $5000 in total ticket prices), please reach out to us directly for a discount offer. Whatever we negotiate, it won’t cost less than the group registration cost so you might as well purchase that to get started.

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