Levll Energy Computer



Monitor and control your electrical use.
A dedicated computer uses an open-source home automation platform Home Assistant to monitor and control your electricity.
Includes monitoring for main service panel as well as circuit-level controls.
Compatible with most smart home products.

Perfect for time-of-day metering with or without solar + batteries.
Perfect for off-grid.
Perfect for kW demand rates.

Better payback than solar or batteries for many customers – just ask!

Please allow two weeks for ordering, programming, and shipping.
Custom programmed to your specific electrical needs.
Price does not include installation.
Ask about installation options.

Material List:
1 x 200A Home Energy Meter 1
1 x 240V 40A Heavy Duty Switch 1
2 x 120V 15A Wall Plugs 2
1 x 500GB 4GB Mini-PC with Ubuntu/Linux
1 x Zstick 1
1 x Zwave Range Extender 1
2 x Dimmer / Lightswitch Retrofits


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