Our Programs

Our classroom is 100% online. Students work at their own pace, but can ask questions and receive support in real time from the instructor. Our most popular programs are:

NABCEP Recertification

This 30 hour program is registered directly with NABCEP to meet 100% of the NABCEP PV Installer recertification hour requirements. Start with the most advanced hours of Design Your Solar Roof, and then quickly get into our advanced classes on batteries, code, and smart home load control. Learn the nuance of commercial battery and offgrid design, and take our Scanifly drone training or SolArk battery training if you want a change of pace.

[button outline=”true” url=”https://community.solar/product/nabcep-recertification/ “] NABCEP Recertification [/button]

NABCEP Certification

We partner with Department-of-Labor training entities to distribute PV Associate and PV Installer NABCEP education paths. The PV Associate program is popular with engineering managers as well as ambitious new hire labor. The PV Installer is preferred by existing solar installers with project lead experience. Additional exam and registration fees ($125+) as well as passing an online Scantron exam are required to join NABCEP.

[button outline=”true” url=”https://community.solar/product/nabcep-pv-associate/ “] PV Associate[/button]

[button outline=”true” url=”https://community.solar/product/join-nabcep/ “] PV Installer [/button]

Building Professional Continuing Education

Engineers, Architects, and other building professions may take our classes. We guarantee our program to be accepted by all in all 50 states. AIA, LEED, and BPI may be eligible for an additional cost, let us know what you need.

[button outline=”true” url=”https://community.solar/product/engineers-architects/ “] Continuing Education[/button]

Entry Level Labor

Most of our classes are written for an accelerated learning, but we do have installation training classes written for entry level labor training, such as preparing for labor jobs in the solar industry. Online training (at their own pace) improves and accelerates any training provided on the job. Individuals interested in this track should purchase a general admission ticket or companies should ask about group rates.

[button outline=”true” url=”https://community.solar/classes/entry-level-labor-training/ “] Entry Labor[/button]

General Admission

Just join for fun. Take our classes and ask questions at a reduced rate, for students who do not need the official training credit. Perfect for planning a solar project or supporting our community.

[button outline=”true” url=”https://community.solar/product-category/general-admission/ “] General Admission[/button]

Custom Training

We work with various training organizations directly, integrating our content or even our classroom into your training product. Let us help bring solar training to your organization.

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We created a 50% sponsorship opportunity to that solar marketing dollars can be spent to lower the cost of industry certification. Any NABCEP program or subscription is eligible for a 50% price reduction in exchange for your contact information to be shared with our sponsors.

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