Our Program

Our program is paid for by registering for continuing education credit to receive certificates of completion.


We do a few things differently here including

  • Free, No-Hassle Course Access for future reference
  • Interactive Community Chat via Discord
  • Interactive Chat Widget
  • Online, On-Demand, Interactive
  • Take at your own pace
  • Low price direct from instructor
  • One price for entire program – less than $7 per CEU

Registered students receive certificates of completion for each class upon passing the class quiz.

After registration, either begin class by typing “signing in” into the chat widget, or join the Discord community and do the same there.

EACH TIME taking the class for credit, be sure to announce yourself by typing in “sign in” or “signing in” or “sign out” or “signing out” into the chat widget or Discord class channel. This creates a track record of your progress, as well as promotes student/instructor interactivity.

The program is registered with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Please let us know if you have any continuing education needs.

A few types of students take our program. We recommend this course order for the following course registrants:

General Public: Design Your Solar Roof + Smart Home Load Control (6 hours total). Or join our Discord channel for an even shorter 2 hour introductory program (learn solar fast).

Business Owner: You will be most interested in how to use solar, batteries, and load control to reduce building demand. Take Smart Home Load Control and Commercial Solar Peakers. 6 hours.

Architect/Engineer/Contractor: Take all the classes. If you feel lost after Design Your Solar Roof, take Rooftop Solar. 36 hours.

NABCEP PV Associate: Design Your Solar Roof, Smart Home Load Control, Understanding Code. 12 hours.

NABCEP PV Technical Sales / Installer: Take the PV Associate classes, plus Intro to Batteries, Residential Off-Grid, and Commercial Solar Peakers. 30 hours including all subcategories (listed as 30 Hour Glass-Slapper with NABCEP)