Our Program

Community.Solar runs an online interactive classroom where we train attendees to participate in the solar industry, for a wide variety of audiences.

We focus on the online education experience, building a community to complement our at-your-own-pace classes which include interactive live chat at industry low prices

We have programs for these audiences:

NABCEP Recertification – This program is 30 hours. We registered the program directly with NABCEP and you may register directly on our website. Re-register with us every three years.

NABCEP Onboarding – This 60 hour program is offered in conjunction with accredited partners to meet the education requirements for NABCEP exam eligibility for most NABCEP certificate types. The PV Associate exam and PV Installer exam are popular options upon completion of this class, depending on project experience and student preference. Additional NABCEP fees are required (by NABCEP) when joining NABCEP.

Building Professional Continuing Education – Engineers, Architects, and other building professionals may also take our NABCEP onboarding program to learn fundamentals and advanced concepts within solar power design and construction. Work at your own pace and divide over multiple continuing education cycles as desired. We guarantee eligibility in all 50 states. Meets NABCEP educational training hour requirements but is not a requirement. Not currently eligible for AIA continuing education.

New Hire Field Worker Training – This program is for 16-24 year old new hires preparing for labor jobs in the solar industry. We encourage you to purchase a general admission ticket. We can customize this product to feature products your company installs. Individuals should purchase a general admission ticket or companies should purchase a training license.

New Hire Solar Designer Training – This program covers similar ground as the Field Worker training, but assumes a more technically advanced audience and so covers more technical content within 40 hours.
We can customize this product to feature products your company installs.
Individuals should purchase a general admission ticket or companies should purchase a training license.

General Admission – Take any of our classes at a reduced access rate. You will not receive a certificate of completion, but you will have access to our curriculum as well as interactive classroom. Perfect for planning a solar project or supporting our community.

Training Centers – We license our program to training centers as well as provide class instruction and administrative support. Let us help bring affordable NABCEP PV Associate and Installer training to your online offerings, reducing the costs of NABCEP training even further for your students.

Our Classes

We maintain a core curriculum which all students have access to within the classroom. Access to private training is restricted, but still supported within the classroom.

Not all class are required for all audiences.

Here is our core program:

  1. Intro to Rooftop Solar – a 6 hour introduction to solar design.
  2. Design Your Solar Roof – a 4 hour revisiting introductory solar material while adding computer-based design examples.
  3. Smart Home Load Control – a 2 hour technical demonstration of how to build your own local energy controller
  4. Intro to Batteries – a 6 hour class introduction to battery capabilities
  5. Understanding Code – a 6 hour comprehensive review of National Electric Code with a solar and batteries
  6. Residential Offgrid – a 6 hours class focused on whole house off-grid
  7. Commercial Batteries – a 6 hour class focused on right-sizing commercial batteries for demand management, with an element of community solar
  8. Solar Professionalism – a catch-all class covering other solar job tasks analysis

We are constantly rewriting and updating our program. Our core program is for students who want to work at their own pace. We do teach live, online, customized programs for large groups which are convertible into on-demand training.