Our Program

Community.Solar runs an online classroom where you can access all our solar classes. We provide completion certificates for engineers and architects, as well as NABCEP exam qualification and re-certification.

We deliver a better online education experience including unlimited course access, at-your-own-pace with interactive live chat, and industry low pricing.  Those who do not need a completion certificate may audit at a reduce price, useful for project planning, questions, and industry networking.

You can view many of our classes for free without registration right on this website, but completing the program in our online classroom is much more enjoyable and helps us maintain the program.

You may register here:

EACH TIME taking the class for credit, be sure to announce yourself by typing in “sign in” or “signing in” / “sign out” or “signing out” into the chat widget or Discord class channel. This creates a track record of your progress for record-keeping and promotes student/instructor interactivity.

The program is registered with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Please let us know if you have any continuing education needs.