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Our mission is to create a solar curriculum helps students of all skill levels advance solar projects within their home, business, or community. While we provide real time support and handouts within our paid Discord classroom, we periodically update this public website as a free community resource.

Material Selection – Sit back and relax. Stream our Youtube video to the big screen. Say hello in our classroom. This material will be revisited in the next class, and we have a complete illustrated transcript, so don’t worry about absorbing all the details.

Design Your Solar Roof – This program is an introduction to solar design, but also assumes an advanced installer might be watching the presentation as well. We put you behind the desk of a solar designer so you can see how the remote site evaluation process results in a performance estimate and permit document. There is an accelerated version for advanced students.

Solar Right-Sizing – This class is for beginners who want additional insight into the solar design and optimization decisions, as well as to understand budgets a bit further. Concepts such as string sizing, and DC vs. AC system sizing are introduced, which helps the student prepare for more advanced discussion to come.

Introduction to Batteries – Batteries are confusing, and failing to understand the nuance can lead to an unhappy customer. We introduce batteries by starting with the capabilities of “Tesla PowerWall” type systems for residential or commercial, to prepare for ambitious battery discussion to come.

Introduction to NEC – We went through the early “generic” sections of National Electric Code and picked out what we felt was most important to solar projects, making it an incredibly practical review of code for any solar audience.

NEC for Batteries and Solar – We focus on the solar, battery, and interconnection specific sections of National Electric Code.

Residential Offgrid – Designing an offgrid solar array for residential new construction can be an intimidating task. Get further into the relationship between PVWatts weather data, array size, battery capacity, and generator run time.

Commercial Batteries – Commercial solar batteries can offer the best solar payback in many areas, making this market a good target for aspiring solar industry professionals. Learn more about how to unlock the demand savings of a commercial solar peaker.

Community Solar – Community solar participants are happy with 20 year paybacks in order to see local projects come out of the ground. Learn how community solar becomes a financing tool to bring projects out of the ground, so that you may consider building your own community solar project.

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1-Hour Drone Site Surveys Free – This free class is actually a program by Scanifly. We thought it was a fantastic presentation and got permission to redistribute it here. Students taking this for NABCEP credit will have their contact information shared with Scanifly, but we have found that they are very nice people.

All class content available to all paid registrants, regardless of program enrollment.