Introduction to NEC

National Electric Code is not intimidating for project managers who have a solid understanding of electricity fundamentals. This class demystifies common NEC requirements, components, and installation techniques related to building electrical systems, focusing on early general sections of NEC which solar installers may not have paid enough attention to.

If you need to pass an electrical or solar exam or simply want to better understand building electrical systems, this class is perfect for you.

Note: National Electric Code is a private organization and does not publish their code book for free. Erring on the side of caution, we do not publish our NEC classes for free. You must register to gain access to this course content.

Learning Objectives:

Improve technical knowledge by detailing balance-of system material referenced in code to more accurately define project scope.

Understand primary sections of National Electric Code book in a comprehensive, sequential manner to prepare for electrical or solar examinations.

Trace electricity flow to code safety requirements in order to understand the constraints of electrical safety systems (such as ground faults and arc fault detection) to improve site safety awareness.

Review conductor cables, conduit, and fittings to improve project design and drawings.

Identify various renewable energy rules which do not appear in special sections of code but instead appear as more general requirements for improved knowledge comprehension.

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