NEC for Batteries and Solar

This 2 hour program reviews sections of NEC specific to onsite solar and batteries, including NEC 2020 updates on rapid shutdown and lithium ion technology. This class is perfect for improving onsite electrical knowledge of solar or batteries to improve project planning, technical proficiency, or industry certification. The most popular items of National Electric Code as related to solar design and batteries are discussed, with similarities and differences between residential and commercial project requirements.

This course is written for building professionals seeking to improve their knowledge of National Electric Code and understanding of electricity in general.

Note: National Electric Code is a private organization and does not publish their code book for free. Erring on the side of caution, we do not publish our NEC classes for free. You must register to gain access to this course content.

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Learning Objectives

Review physical protection, clearance, and ventilation requirements for designing residential and commercial battery room layouts.

Understand rapid shutdown and NEC 2020 disconnect requirements for increased project safety.

Determine labeling and security requirements for improved site awareness and emergency preparedness.

Perform basic overcurrent protection calculations for breaker and fuse specification to improve project safety.

Not Permitted for Redistribution. Licensing available on request.

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