40 Hour PV Associate Training

Are you a Department of Labor Training Entity or other eligible provider of the NABCEP PV Associate program? We provide live instruction and classroom management for your entity, including automated progress and completion reports, time and participation tracking, as well as instructor sign-off and NABCEP application assistance.

Our 40 hour PV Associate program strikes a balance between field installation training and design knowledge required to become a NABCEP PV Associate. Don’t forget, it costs additional money to join NABCEP beyond the cost of this program – there is a $125 exam / NABCEP application fee.

But if you are looking to offer NABCEP training to your students, or if you are looking to be placed with an accredited NABCEP provider at an affordable cost, we can help!

Good class. Updated version with Discord and YouTube videos has a good format and allows you to do things at your own pace.

Andrew P. NABCEP PV Installation Professional 6/11/2020

Our 40 hour program consists of:

  • material selection
  • rooftop solar design
  • right-sizing discussion
  • batteries
  • NEC introduction
  • NEC for solar and batteries
  • installation
  • smart home load control
  • residential offgrid
  • commercial solar
  • community solar
  • and more!!!

Our content is perfect for college students, engineering managers, and new hire labor to learn solar fundamentals and design skills. Prepare to pass the NABCEP PV Associate exam by gaining comprehensive knowledge and confidently approach solar project scope benefiting from our interactive chat community.

Our classroom is based in the popular chat software Discord. Students have unlimited access to the course material, even after class. Records are privately kept within a special Partner channel, which can be further automated with advanced course completion features such as email notifications, certificate generation, and cloud storage record-keeping.

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