Right-sizing Commercial Solar Batteries

This course presents an introduction to designing commercial solar batteries. It provides a method to size the solar array and battery, reviews lithium battery types and their applications, and reviews costs of various batteries. This course will teach you to “right-size” a solar array for onsite storage based on the project budget.

The commercial solar battery market is the fastest growing, most cost-effective industry market segment within the United States. Unlike off-grid design, a commercial solar battery may only be used a few hours a month to achieve maximum system payback. Knowledge of project financing can overcome financial considerations of the site host. Each commercial load profile tells a story of the facility’s energy use. Learn how to understand that story, to right-size a commercial solar battery for maximum profit!

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Explore why batteries are creating growth by adding value to the commercial solar market.
  • Size a solar array and battery based on building interval data to help the electric grid.
  • Discuss lithium ion battery types to select the best battery for the electric load to optimize use of rare earth materials.
  • Understand how expensive batteries can result in quick paybacks through facility demand management to improve grid resiliency.
  • Learn how to “right-size” a solar array for onsite storage to optimize project budget.
  • Identify operating mode differences such as grid-charging, solar-charge, and zero-outflow design practices
  • Develop a design philosophy for modeling commercial batteries.
  • Review commercial battery code requirements for health, safety, and welfare.

Battery storage is a new, fast-growing energy market. In this live webinar, you will be introduced to residential battery inverter systems with an emphasis on grid-connected systems like the ever famous Tesla Powerwall. This is not a powerwall class, this is a class to help you better understand the capabilities, costs, and design practices of lithium ion technologies as well as associated design and material selection.

The goal is to better understand onsite energy storage at the residential level, so that you may better integrate onsite storage into your projects. While this class will focus on residential systems, it is suitable as commercial continuing education as it covers the techncial merits of critical load panels.

This program was written by a NABCEP-certified PV installer and mechanical engineer to help technical professionals better understand solar and battery project scope.

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Evaluate the technical capabilities of grid-tied residential battery storage to improve project planning.
  • Perform a sizing example to best fit the onsite energy system for local grid policy.
  • Review component specification sheets to increase technical knowledge.
  • Understand system operation parameters to improve site health, safety, and welfare of the tenant and electric grid.

We teach this program live within our online classroom. Please register for one of our products to gain access to the classroom.

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