Introduction to Batteries

Battery storage is a new, fast-growing energy market. We focus on content that designers and installers should know – based on the instructor’s industry experience in battery application engineering and technical support.

This introduction will be engaging for even advanced installers! Our included sizing tools are better than most commercial sizing tools!

This class 2 hour introduction to lithium battery systems is intended for solar professionals. This is a perfect start to learning about the aggressively growing battery market. Learn how to design a battery system that meets customer expectations by starting with project fundamentals. What challenges do first time battery installers encounter in the field? Improve your battery project planning ability.

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Industry Overview
Lithium chemistry
2 Hour Sizing and other design rules
Battery System Components
Battery Capacity Sizing
Charge Discharge Settings
DC Combining
Installation Flexibility

Learning Objectives:

Learn how various applications of lithium batteries enhance grid-tied health, safety, and welfare of buildings and their inhabitants.

Relate battery voltages to system performance to develop pragmatic understanding of battery bank capabilities.

Understand common battery under-sizing errors by examining battery specification sheets.

Explore various battery management system components to protect the battery against protection cases.

Review battery sizing principles for inrush current, continuous power, energy capacity, and multiple charging sources

Correlate inverter charge settings across multiple inverter systems to better understand charge conditions

Evaluate balance of system material for lithium battery combining

Understand how battery weight and environmental ratings can impact site selection

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