Entry Level Labor Training

Our 20 hour entry level labor training starts with our 2 hour introduction to solar materials. The next 12 hours consists of safety and installation training.

More importantly, it is a labor training class. Participants are introduced to fall protection, rafter identification, module handling, as well proper workmanship principles.

Proper PPE, an introduction to fall protection gear, and ladder basics better prepare the worker for the jobsite, particularly when reinforced with live student-instructor interaction.

The impact of system design on construction is discussed, reinforcing the need for diligent cable management, including a discussion on MC4 connectors. A variety of different kinds of work, ranging from residential to commercial to utility-scale are introduced.

Finally, commercial project documents are overlapped with site photos, to introduce concrete block management, racking assembly, grounding, and string layout diagrams. This is no substitute for field training, but it will better prepare the student to be useful during their first days on site.

After the installation training, the student takes a six hour class on National Electric Code. It is a comprehensive review of NEC, starting with the basics and working its way to the specialty sections.

Students who need to work at different paces have access to expanded course content to best assist their understanding of electricity. The program fits into a broader curriculum more focused on design and development.