Community.Solar is eligible for continuing education for professional engineers

ELIGIBLE IN ALL STATES EXCEPT: Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina.

If you need engineering continuing education in these states, please ask us to refer you to one of our continuing education partners.

Use the chat widget for questions or register below.

Registration Cost is $240.


Course Instructions:

Use the chat widget each time you start and stop a program. This alerts the instructor that you are in the chat room. You must interact with the instructor for course record-keeping.

Each class has a quiz for the completion certificate. Use the chat widget to ask for the quiz and you will receive the certificate upon passing the quiz.

Take the classes in the order that best suits you. I recommend the two hour classes before taking the six hour classes. 

You have two years to complete as many classes as you’d like, as quickly as you’d like.