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Material Selection

This 2 hour program is a great introduction to solar power for learning technical nuances of solar panels, inverters and racking systems.

Thoughtful material selection is critical for project quality and value. Whether thinking about residential or commercial projects, this is the best place to get started.

This program is taken at your own pace, with live instructor moderation.

Learning Objectives

Identify common solar module specification sheet items relevant in calculating solar performance.

List component and installation failures and categorize them into different warranty categories.

Differentiate between string inverters, DC optimizer, and micro-inverters for code-compliant system design.

Name individual parts of various rooftop racking systems to customize structural components to various project sites.

Identify balance of system material useful for interconnection and cable management planning.

Relate specification sheet items to logistical issues associated with material ordering.

Combine rooftop and ground mount racking approaches to plan the best system for a particular environment.

Illustrate interconnection strategy to describe how onsite electricity interacts with the building electric service panel.

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