Smart Home Load Control

This program is a two hour introduction to smart homes with an emphasis on electricity controls. You may purchase entry-level smart home energy controllers from

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Introduction to Smart Homes:


Learn how smart technology building fundamentals improve home and business within the context of code, health, safety, and welfare. Apply the knowledge to design and assemble a local electricity controller to understand how electrical control systems can shape a local electric grid.

Learning Objectives:

Learn how cloud services promote safety and welfare while creating other risks, to understand industry best practices.

Evaluate local network alternatives to cloud services in order to design the most secure smart home network for a site.

Design and compile an open-source local energy controller, to shape an electric load profile to best fit a time-of-use or demand electric rate.

Understand how energy control systems complement on-site solar and batteries to promote distributed clean generation.

Setting up a Smart Hub:

Smart Component Selection:

Registering Devices to the Smart Hub:

Economics and Final Notes:

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