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Intro to Batteries

This is a two hour introduction to batteries focused on grid-tied backup applications for home and business. A recording of this program will be available before, during, and after class, as well as program slides and student-instructor interactive chat.

Battery storage is a new, fast-growing energy market. In this class, an emphasis on small grid-connected systems like the ever famous Tesla Powerwall will help you better understand the capabilities, costs, and design practices of lithium ion technologies to improve your design and material selection.

The goal is to better understand onsite energy storage so that you may better integrate onsite storage into your projects. This class will focus on systems appropriate for a residential home, but is also suitable for small commercial backup planning. If you don’t know much about critical load panels, it is a great starting point!


Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide you with the following specific knowledge and skills:

Evaluate the technical capabilities of grid-tied residential battery storage to improve project planning.

Perform a sizing example to best fit the onsite energy system for local grid policy.

Review component specification sheets to increase technical knowledge.

Understand system operation parameters to improve site health, safety, and welfare of the tenant and electric grid.

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