Commercial Peakers

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The commercial solar battery market is the fastest growing, most cost-effective industry market segment within the United States. Unlike off-grid design, a commercial solar battery may only be used a few hours a month to achieve maximum system payback. Knowledge of project financing can overcome financial considerations of the site host. Each commercial load profile tells a story of the facility’s energy use. Learn how to understand that story, to right-size a commercial solar battery for maximum profit!

Learning Objectives:

Explore how behind-the-meter solar batteries optimize commercial electric rate structures

Size a solar array and battery based on project requirements.

Select the right battery chemistry for the application.

Understand system components and cost

Learn how to “Right Size” a Solar Peaker for cost-effectiveness

Identify differences between off-grid, backup, and grid-tie design practices

Understand nuances between equipment financing and revenue modeling

Introduce community solar concepts as a source of project funding.


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