Architect, Engineer, Contractor?

Our program is special in that you can meet your state recertification requirements while qualifying for the NABCEP PV Associate educational pathway. This registration includes the $125 NABCEP PV Associate exam fee.

Only 12 hours are required, and if you are already a solar pro, you will love our advanced content. But we have over 40 hours of original content on solar design, batteries, national electric code, smart energy controls, drone training, and more which you are welcome to divide up over multiple continuing education cycles.

For this registration, we guarantee our class to be accepted by your state board. Here are the details:

[collapse] [collapse_item title=”NABCEP PV Associate: ” collapsed=”true”]Completion of this program qualifies you to take the online NABCEP PV Associate exam to earn the NABCEP PV Asssociate credential. Job Corp is the registered NABCEP provider of this program, and your registration raises money for Job Corps solar training. We’re not going to force you to take the NABCEP exam if you register for this program, but the PV Associate certificate is popular credential among project managers of various professional backgrounds, including architects, engineers, and contractors. We think that if you need to take continuing education, then why not challenge yourself and pick up a professional certificate?[/collapse_item] [collapse_item title=”State Licensing Boards”]We are not registered with any state licensing board. If you pay the full registeration fee, we will either register directly with your required engineering boards or place you with one of our continuing education partners for the requirements you need. This includes UGGBC LEED, BPI, HERS, and all other private certifications except the AIA. :[/collapse_item] [collapse_item title=”American Institute of Architects”]The registration fees for AIA continuing education is such that we need 10 full price advanced registrations to cover the registration fee! Let us know! [/collapse_item] [collapse_item title=”Laws and Ethics Requirements”]If you have state law and ethics requirements, rest easy! Included in our cost is registration with, who does those programs better than we do. This way you can take our program and meet 100% of your state requirements. [/collapse_item] [/collapse]

All class content available to all paid registrants, regardless of program enrollment.