Perfect for your tiny house, this system will provide 120/240V standard residential power to your home. It is our lowest cost system to do so, but has a small battery about the size of the Tesla Power Wall. That is okay because you will still have your grid connection - its just that you can use your system off-grid too! You will have plenty of energy during the day but have to manage your electricity stringently at night to remain in off-grid mode

Material Kit : $16,814
Installed Price: $26,183

Product Specifications

3.6kW DC - twelve 295W MONO PERC ALL-BLACK

3.6 kW DC MPPT charge controllers

one 12 kwh industrial flooded lead acid battery - warranty 2100 cycles at 80% DoD

6000W pure sine wave inverter - 1 year warranty, 3x burst

for dedicated 120V (single breaker) systems

premium battery box and monitoring system