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We offer a variety of remote project services

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to our online community, based in Slack. Ask any solar questions you want on your phone or computer. We love answering solar questions! Our network consists of licensed building professionals whom maintain active industry licenses and certificates. You have access to our community for two years

Schedule a site evaluation with our solar expert for an expert review of your ideas as well as recommendations to consider when moving forward. Then receive followup within our community. We are happy to support your solar installation and may even be able to refer installers and maintenance professionals within our nationwide network. You may apply your registration fee towards any system in our catalog

Two Year Access: $290


You will receive a calendar link to schedule your site evaluation upon purchase

You will need an internet connection with a desktop or provide email correspondence at minimum

You do not have to purchase a system to receive project support

You can take our class for a completion certificate

You get a $290 credit towards any material purchase

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